Hello world!

We’re a club that is focused on spreading kindness and happiness, but in a subtle, meaningful way. Our goal is to recognize individuals and groups who aren’t normally recognized, just because people deserve it. We believe it would be beneficial to help open up people’s perspectives to realize that there’s more on campus than their busy lives, and help students’ development as more involved citizens in Dickinson College’s community. We hope to create a space outside of your busy life where if you want to highlight someone/a group of people, then we’re there to support you in a place that puts judgment aside when people speak.

Our goal is to form random acts of kindness. It’s not something that’s asked for, nor is it something an individual/group is publicly nominated for. The mission to bring happiness to people’s lives for doing everyday things, their jobs, or just being themselves. We want do this by doing these acts at random times in the day- whether it’s 4 pm or 6 am, there are people who work hard on this campus and aren’t acknowledged for all that they do.

 Join us and help spread kindness in the Carlisle and Dickinson communities!


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