New officer positions in the club!

Hi all!

All officer positions for next year are available! The descriptions for each are below, and if you’re interested in applying please write a brief description of: what position you want, why you feel you are a good fit for the position/how you would help the club, and any new ideas you have for R.A.K. for next semester! Send your emails to and


 Responsible for organization of the club and is the main contact between the Advisor and College. Is responsible for maintain the mission, direction, and concept of the club. Will coordinate officer meetings with the Advisor, will help the coordination of committee meetings before presenting to the other members, and will coordinate the general meetings as well.

 Vice President

Performs the Presidents duties when he/she is unable to do so. Will assist in the planning of meetings and help finalize details of programming events and works with the President to discuss the clubs weekly meeting agendas.


Communicates with committees to ensure everything is going along well and both are ready to meet with the President before the weekly meetings. Additionally, does the meeting minutes and sends out weekly email to update members of upcoming events.


The treasurer is in charge of all financial aspects of the club. Meets with the action committee head to finalize costs of certain events and organizes the budget for the club, with the help of all other officers.


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